Forget stuffy candle-lit dinners or bemoaning your singledom via passive-aggressive Instagram posts (we’ve all been there), this 14 February we’re bringing some much-needed LOLs to your L.O.V.E. Special thanks goes to our brilliant in-house comedy acts for their dating icebreakers, our resident advice-giving Psychic Sisters, and our very own buyers for truly changing the game when it comes to a top-notch gift. Scroll for a Valentine’s Day to remember…

G.S.O.H essential

Our comedy events

They say laughter’s the music of love, so we’re cranking up the volume full blast with the help of our Comedy Club. Housed in our super-plush Cinema at Selfridges in our London store, some side-splitting comedians have already taken to the stage, with more set to follow this February and March. Book your tickets now and show your date (or mate) a rip-roaringly good time.

Need to perk up an awkward dinner date?


Try ordering a big plate of spaghetti to share so you can re-enact Lady & The Tramp

– suggests comedy duo Roisin & Chiara. 

(…Maybe avoid nudging the meatball forward with your nose though, eh?)

Shop! In the name of love...

Forget panic-buying that sorry-looking bunch of Petrol Station flowers (not again, anyway…). We’ve got the best, most unexpectedly brilliant, grin-inducing Valentine’s gifts right here.

Gifts for her

Gifts for him


Food & drink gifts

Unexpected gifts

Beauty gifts

True love: written in the stars…    

Our resident Psychic Sisters    

Hello, is it The One you’re looking for? Well, you’re not alone – in the name of strictly professional research (ahem), we grilled Selfridges’ resident Psychic Sister Jayne Wallace on all things lurve. Take notes…

Q. You talk about love, day in, day out. What’s the one question you’re asked the most?

A. Generally, ‘Am I going to meet my soul mate?’. They often ask about whether they’ll have a family or babies, but aren’t sure how or when they’ll get there, and if the right person is out there for them.


Q. So, how do you know if you’ve met your soul mate?

A. Use your intuition! Trust your gut. If something feels right, go with it. I always say: don’t expect too much, so what you do get is a bonus. But tread carefully – when you want something so badly, it can break the relationship. Just try to go with the flow.   


Q. I’m – erm, I mean, some people may be – having a bit of a dry spell. How do we bring more love into our lives?

A. Anything rose quartz! Incense, crystals, fragrance, you name it: rose attracts. Also, just own it. Empowering yourself and feeling confident will put the intention out there. Affirmations are great for that – just repeating “I am loved and I am happy” to yourself works wonders. Don’t forget to wear pink or red underwear, too.



Don't forget to wear pink or red underwear...

– Jayne Wallace, Psychic Sisters

Q. Love at first sight: the real thing or cruel work of fiction?

A. I 100 per cent believe in love at first sight, but it’s all about timing. When you meet someone and there’s that instant chemistry, you just feel that flutter in your belly. We all have a soul mate, but it’s just about whether our paths are aligned.  


Q. But how do our paths align when we’re all on dating apps? Do we still need to see each other across a crowded room?

A. Relationships are so different nowadays, but if you like the look of someone and swipe right, you’re just allowing your intuition to tell you who they are. Apps work! It’s just a normal part of modern relationships now. 


Q. Should we take note of our star signs when it comes to the perfect partner?  

A. For the most part, similar signs work best together. Depending on your sign, you may need someone to give you things that you yourself are lacking, too.  


Q. Hmm… I could do with a bit more of a personalised-to-me reading to get to the bottom of this. What do I do? 

A. Book in! We provide love and couple’s readings, but also general life advice too – from work to friends and beyond, it’s all connected.


To find out more about Selfridges’ resident psychics The Psychic Sisters (and book in for a session, too), click the button below.  

Let’s get this in the diary, then
Our joyful Valentine’s Day events

From date (or mate!) night screenings at The Cinema at Selfridges, to Champagne tasting in Manchester, we’ve got an array of brilliant things to see, do and feast on this Valentine’s Day across our four stores. You’re so welcome.

The look of love…
Feel-good beauty for Valentine’s Day

Alright, you’ve made it this far, so let’s not panic – if it’s a bit of pampering you need, a date-proof lipstick or just some advice on what fragrance they’ll love to receive on the 14 February – we’ve got you.

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